Being a girl – a crime in India

We all appreciate Modi for making the statement, ‘You should question your son rather than putting restrictions on your daughter’. But how many of us have actually implemented it?

Even today, the higher chunk of educated families don’t allow their daughters to go outside even in the day time if not accompanied by the family members. And the members of the same family would not question their sons even if they are coming late in the night. Do the girls not have any right to step out of the house as per their wish ?

Girls working in different MNCs , who would be well aware of their safety, have to convince their parents and take permission before stepping out of the house. On the other hand, the sons will inform their parents that they are going out and will come late in the night.

We say that in today’s world, there is no difference between a man and a woman. All those things which a man used to do is done by a woman today with the same proficiency. Now I understand what they actually mean by saying this. When it comes to responsibility , both men and women are equal, they should contribute towards the finances equally. But when it comes to certain things like going out with friends, watching a movie, late by an hour and so on… the inequality comes into picture.

And it’s not only the men to be blamed, even we as mothers question our daughters and not sons.

People need to evolve…



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