KA KHA GA – Heard Somewhere …

In spite of being surrounded by a lot of North Indian kids in my society, it’s been ages since I heard Hindi Varnamaala. Parents feel very proud when their kids recite ABC, 123 or english rhymes in front of everyone. But they hardly give emphasis on making their children learn ka kha ga, ek do teen or hindi rhymes.

Are we so much influenced by the western culture that we have forgotten to teach our kids the importance of our national language ?

Kids of today’s generation are very comfortable speaking English but can hardly speak few sentences in Hindi correctly. They would know all the fruits and vegetables’ names in english but would not have heard their Hindi names.

Forget about kids, even we cannot speak 2-3 sentences in Hindi without using any English word. Yesterday, I asked some of my friends to recite Hindi varnamaala and counting in Hindi. Most of them were unable to do so. I have seen people speaking English just to show off and impress others. People use English words and phrases just because they feel it sounds cool with out even knowing the actual meaning.

I am not denying the fact that English is necessary in today’s world to survive, but should be used wherever required. Even I am writing this blog in English because it is the medium to convey my thoughts to a larger audience.

Since English is the language to connect all the corners of the globe, it’s good to learn English as long as we never lose our individuality and are true to ourselves without forgetting our roots. When we follow something blindly, we cease to grow.


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