We…. the people

Today I met a person . She is working as a cook in our house at my hometown. Her age would be some 55 years. She comes daily twice. In the evening, I asked her, ” Why don’t you have dinner here as it would be late when you reach home”.

I could see tears in her eyes. She said the way you asked is enough for me. She refused to eat but had a satisfaction on her face. Then she started telling her story; How she is treated at her home; How in-spite of having two sons and two daughters in law, she has to cook separate food for herself; How her elder son was murdered by her elder sister in law. Still she prepares food for us with full dedication and a smile on her face.

She forced me to ponder, Do we have any humanity left ? Do poor people have any right to live in this cruel society?

We get upset by very very small things like spouse not picking up the call, getting scolded by manager in office etc. We should learn to live life from these people. She has earned my respect. Hats off to her.

People have to evolve …



  1. Yea. It’s truth only … People use to scold their life even they are having an own flat , car etc.. But not ready to donate a single penny coz it will disturb their budget , they arey paying emi, for the house where they used to come only to sleep. They are ready to go by car only to make the trip worth rs 500 where they can use Ac volve worth rs 100 only.. Then they scolding government for traffic , hike in fuel prices , but still they don’t want to give extra penny yo their maid.. They are asking y r yu late blah blah.. Ridiculous.. Everyone knows about everything. They will see like the post or blog give comments like good job and ol but afterwards what… Hell to this high profile society.. Just a show off … But to whom … To those people : no one is watching ur status boss … U r just a educated slave… That’s it and sick… 😦


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